The Faculty boasts cutting edge discipline-specific and multi-disciplinary research relevant to the South African and international contexts, has entrenched research partnerships at national and international level, enjoys large grants from national and international funders and has postgraduate training opportunities at Honours, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and Doctoral level with some Masters programmes available in both contact and on-line/web-based formats.  


While all disciplines in the Faculty have established discipline-specific research areas, those related to UKZN and/or national focus areas are inter alia the full gamut of pharmaceutical sciences, traditional medicines from indigenous plants, biokinetics and exercise science, developmental disabilities, rehabilitation, the healthcare continuum (health promotion, prevention, early identification, early intervention, diagnosis and curative and/or palliative care), chronic lifestyle diseases and higher education in the health sciences.

Discipline specific research areas encompass:
  • Surgical Anatomy of the Renal and Coronary Vasculature, the Sympathetic Chain and Human Anatomical Variations in Anatomy,
  • Diagnostic Audiology and Integrated Intervention in Hearing Loss in the discipline of Audiology, Apoptosis in Cancer and HIV/AIDS and Environmental Carcinogenesis in Medical Biochemistry,
  • Innovative Education for Health Professionals, Home-based and Palliative Care, Psychosocial Rehabilitation and the Critical Care Interface between Rural and Urban Settings in Nursing,
  • Cognitive and Neurologically-Based Disorders, Community-based Rehabilitation, Bioethics and Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy,
  • Refractive Errors, Low Vision, Pediatric Vision, Refractive Surgery and Primary Eyecare Services in Optometry,
  • Strategies for the Prevention and Containment if Antibiotic Resistance, the Molecular Biology of Resistance to Antibiotics, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Quality Use of Medicines, Neuropharmacology, Medicinal Plants and Diabetes in Pharmacy and Pharmacology,
  • Diabetes and Hypertension in Physiology,
  • Development of Lung Function Normograms, Epidemiology and Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injuries, Airway Impairment and Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Physiotherapy,
  • Communication Disorders, Developmental Language and Bilingualism/Multilingualism and Speech, Voice and Fluency in Speech Language Pathology, and,
  • Leisure Services, Indigenous Sport and Nutritional Supplements in Sports Science.

A critical mass of researchers across the Faculty investigates diverse aspects of:

  • Chronic Diseases,
  • Community-Based Studies,
  • Early Childhood Intervention,
  • Exercise Science,
  • Health Promotion,
  • Health Sciences Education and Training,
  • HIV and AIDS,
  • Rehabilitation Research, and,
  • Traditional Medicine.

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