Faculty Administration Office

Professor SY Essack        


Tel: 031 2608048

E-mail: essacks@ukzn.ac.za  

Ms Kathlyn Holland       

Dean’s Assistant 

Tel: 031 2607950

E-mail: hollandk@ukzn.ac.za


Ms E Naidoo

Secretary to the Dean

Tel: 031 2608019

E-mail: naidooe1@ukzn.ac.za


Mr V Govender 

Principal Faculty Officer  

Tel: 031 2607925

E-mail: govendervn@ukzn.ac.za


Mr S Reddy

Principal Faculty Officer

Tel: 031 2607209

E-mail: reddysu@ukzn.ac.za


Mr Leon Ramsamy   

Assistant Faculty Officer

Tel: 031 2602375

E-mail: ramsamyl@ukzn.ac.za 


Mr V Singh

Admissions Officer 

Tel: 031 260 7933

E-mail: singhvr@ukzn.ac.za




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